Meet your Executive Council

2016/2017 UrbanCSA Executive Council 

President – Dustin MacDonald

I am a 4th year Urban Studies student at the University of Calgary who is passionate about community development and addressing urban issues. My education centres on studying planning policy, transportation planning, and urban theory. Learning about these concentrations really allows me to explore and advance my knowledge on how to build better communities and how to address various urban issues. As the President of UrbanCSA it really excites me to be able to put on events that address the passions of myself, and the members of UrbanCSA. By doing events related to topics such as secondary suites, C-train expansion and current news and opportunities in the fields of planning and architecture, i feel it allows myself and and the members of UrbanCSA to be more involved with the city that surrounds them. I am looking to pursue a Master of Planning degree upon completion of my Urban Studies degree, and work in the development or in the municipal planning field. I am also looking to supplement my education with international urban experience attained from travelling the world.

Vice President – Raj Dhaliwal

I am a third year student working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Urban Studies. My end goal is to pursue a Master of Architecture Degree. As Vice President for Urban Calgary Students Association for the 2016/2017 school year, my goal is to inspire and help students who are interested in urban planning, architecture, urban studies etc., by providing them the necessary academic and non academic resources and information needed to pursue a degree and career in these specializations. Furthermore my goal is to connect students at the University of Calgary with exciting volunteer opportunities on and off campus, so they are able to gain hours to have a co-curricular record before they graduate. Lastly my main goal is to help lead UrbanCSA to new heights by creating and/or fostering proposals that help improve the already amazing university campus and the City of Calgary!

Besides being a part of the university community, my interests include cycling, traveling, photography, and drawing and designing modern homes.

Vice President Communications – Niko Casuncad

I am a third year student working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Urban Studies and a Minor in German at the University of Calgary. My goal with the UrbanCSA is to connect people on and off campus, enhancing their experience at Ucalgary. Ever since I was a child, cities always amazed me and I’ve experimented with urban planning games (SimCity!), lego and watched tons of Godzilla movies. I chose Urban Studies as an educational path in order to further my passion of helping people. I am an aspiring urban planner, hoping to change lives for the better through understanding society and culture in a global urban context. I am interested in social perspectives of cities and the complexities of social interactions between urban actors. We live in a complex society surrounded by conflicting ideas and power. By forming communities and understanding our fellow citizens, we can create strong, vibrant and diverse cities that benefits all. When I’m not on campus or hanging out with friends, I like to cycle and explore unknown territory. I also have an interest in street photography, movies and music.

Vice President Marketing and Events – Danielle Kim

I am a third year Urban Studies student interested in pursuing a career either in urban planning, urban design, or even landscape architecture. After spending one very unhappy semester in science for first year, I began researching different degrees. I was introduced to Urban Studies by a friend, and my curiosity was immediately piqued due to my interest in architecture. I can say that transferring into this program is definitely one of the smarter decisions I’ve made. I have now discovered that I am passionate about the countless ways good and bad design influences our lives, and I think that the opportunity to be in this program in a city like Calgary will give rise to particularly creative and innovative individuals. My other interests outside of school include listening to and finding new music – mostly indie and hip hop – as well as (sporadically) exercising.

Vice President Operations and Finance – Sara Haidey 

I am a second year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies. This field of study caught my interest after meeting a city planner and learning there are many aspects to the maintenance, design, and planning of a city. This year, one of my goals is to be admitted to the Minor in Architecture Studies. I have always been interested in design, specifically, modernist architecture. I have not yet decided whether to choose a career in planning or architecture but I wish to contribute to the functionality of a city though design. Living in a city such as Calgary has enabled me to see what works and what needs improvements. Ultimately, I’d like my career to be involved in these technical improvements. Aside from Urban Studies, I enjoy swimming, yoga, and drawing.

Vice President Academic – Giovanni Fiorante-Carano

I completed my Urban Studies degree in 2014 and since then have returned to the University of Calgary to pursue an additional BA in Psychology, where I conduct qualitative research. I have tailored my education to explore the intersection between these two disciplines – specifically the dialectic between the built environment and ourselves. My future aspirations are to apply for graduate studies in Environmental Design where I can study the history of architecture and intuitive design in closer detail. My goal is to be a main point of contact for students to explore their academic aspirations and how interdisciplinary studies can serve their personal, educational, and/or careers purposes. Aside from my academic pursuits I very much enjoy comic book studies, playing sports, travelling, and writing music!

If you are enrolled in this class for Fall 2016 at the U of C, and interested in being more involved with the club – get in touch.

Past Presidents:

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