About UrbanCSA

Urban Calgary Students’ Association is a student led organization originating from the University of Calgary. The objectives of UrbanCSA are to engage students on urban issues (especially those faced by Calgarians); to bridge the gap between the student, the citizen, and the professional. UrbanCSA runs monthly speaker sessions, tours, academic workshops and more casual events. The association provides members with the opportunity to meet similarly interested students and citizens; and supplement their degree with experience outside of regular academic activities.

We also own and operate this blog and comment on issues regarding sustainable development in Calgary and the surrounding region. In the past the club has commented, or developed, proposals such as secondary suites, PlanIt Calgary, the Brentwood TOD, etc.

Urban Calgary Students’ Association Core Values 

Educate: Increase the awareness of urban issues among the campus population – and elsewhere. Connect students with resources that help them take the next step in their degrees and careers.

Inspire: Motivate and encourage student perspectives regarding urban topics. Inspire students by connecting them with industry professionals in planning, architecture, urban studies etc.

Act: Actively participate in the shaping of Calgary and the university campus/community by supporting and fostering proposals.

Reasons to join:

1. Get to meet lots of similarly interested students
2. Extracurricular experience like this looks really good on a resume
3. Get to supplement your degree with experience outside of regular academic activities

Want to join Urban Calgary Students’ Association?

If you would like to join, fill in the form below. We will then add you to the UrbanCSA mailing list and update you on our events and any special projects that the club is working on.