Wednesday, January 8

Winter break is definitely over. Classes start tomorrow, and the semester is starting full-blast, with two events happening tomorrow night. Aspiring architects might enjoy the Design Matters lecture series, held at the University of Calgary’s Downtown Campus. Tomorrow’s guest is Scott Marble, of Marble Architects. He’s got a really interesting project journal on his site, which I’d definitely recommend leafing through even if you can’t make his talk tomorrow. I especially liked the post “Expanded Alliances: Industry and Beyond,” which discusses the relationship between universities, architects, and facilities departments. The EVDS site doesn’t have any information regarding tomorrow’s topic, but his profile reveals it’s likely to be related to “digital technologies and Building Information Models.”


Vertical Townhouse – Marble Fairbanks

The initial reason for this post was Bacon Fest, also happening tomorrow. I was really excited for it, but after learning more about Marble, I am torn between the two! So: Bacon Fest might appeal to readers who are interested in city planning. The name is not a reference to pork products, but to a series of film screenings to be held at the Central Public Library, Wednesdays from 6-8PM in January and February. The full schedule can be found here. Tomorrow’s films are “Form, Design & the City,” and “The American Urban Experience.” The former is a 1960’s documentary about Ed Bacon’s urban renewal schemes of the same vintage.

ed bacon

 “The only city planner to grace the cover of Time magazine.”

“The American Urban Experience” is apparently the title of a course at Brooklyn College. The first five pages of  my “the American Urban Experience documentary” search are pretty much useless, so that one will remain a mystery for now. All the more reason to attend. Whichever you choose, I do highly recommend checking out one of these events! If not tomorrow, sometime this semester. Design Matters is also a regular event. Seeing experienced, passionate people working in my field of interest usually provides me the motivation needed to wake up for 8AM classes and study. Plus, you might meet some cool new people!


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