Free Outdoor Screening of ‘Urbanized’

Urbanized Screening
Wednesday, April 24th. 801 5th Ave NW – Screening starts at 8:30 PM

WRECK CITY is opening to the public next week. It’s a project that is transforming 11 houses set for demolition in to temporary venues for art, installations, and performances. WRECK CITY runs April 19 – 27, 2013, and the houses are located from 621 to 823 5th Ave NW.

As part of the WRECK CITY project, and teaming up with C4 ( and YYC Mobile Movies (, we’ll be screening the film Urbanized on the back of one of the houses (801 5th Ave). Urbanized is an excellent documentary exploring major initiatives in urban-design across the world.

You can watch the trailer here:

This screening is free to attend. There isn’t a lot of parking space in the area, so we are encouraging people to take public transit, bike up, or walk! The houses are very close to the Sunnyside station. To reach the houses – take 4th Avenue past Another Dimension comics, and follow the road as it loops to the left. Google map here:

The screening is taking place behind the house, and YYC Mobile Movies will be using human-power to project the film! Seating is a work in progress, but it’s just a backyard so bring a towel or tarp and we can all sit comfortably.

WRECK CITY is very close to its funding goal! Please help out:

You can find more info about the project here:

Join the Facebook event here:

Thanks! Email with any questions.


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