Urban CSA – Welcome! Mixer this Friday, Getting Involved, Mexico City Course and more.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming out during clubs week or signing up/joining the mailing-list elsewhere! If you have any questions or comments about Urban CSA please email contact@urbancsa.org!

This is a long one, but the main stuff is near the top!


facebook event page: http://tinyurl.com/9ykrfgd

The Urban Calgary Student’s Association would like to welcome you to the club this Friday with a big event – local art, bands, spoken word, photography, and the release of a new zine, at The Area in Inglewood.
A membership card for Urban CSA grants you free entry. Memberships won’t be sold at the door, tickets are 10$ for non-members.  If you would like a membership to Urban CSA, you can contact us after October 8th or attend any of the future events – membership is 5$ a semester! This event won’t be just for members though, so feel free to invite friends and family – it’s all ages. It should be a diverse crowd from all over the arts community, and it will run from 6:30 to late.

Our club will be working alongside C4 (The Calgary Creative City Collaboration) this semester. C4 is a new local not-for-profit arts group that started earlier this summer. They organize all kinds of events based around good urbanism and engagement.  You can find their website at http://c4-yyc.tumblr.com/, and the facebook group by googling Calgary Creative City Collaboration. If you’re interested in getting involved more in Urban CSA or C4, contact the Urban CSA email for more info.


This year we have lots planned, for majors and non-majors alike. If you have an idea for events we should be holding,  interesting happenings around Calgary we should be aware about, or would like to contribute to the blog – please get in touch!

For those in an Urban Studies degree: there will be degree workshops and lectures given by alumni and those in the department, speaker series, information about upcoming events within the department,  workshops on software such as InDesign, and more. If you are considering any aspect of design, planning, architecture etc. then help us, help you! Plus:

  1. Get to meet lots of other Urban Studies students
  2. Extracurricular experience like this looks really good on a resume
  3. Get your membership back in food and beer during one of our mixers
  4. Get to supplement your degree with experience outside of regular academic activities

For anyone who is interested, we also do many other things of a more social variety, and events that can help people get engaged in their city and intersted in urban issues.  There will be a Pub Night sometime after the large mixer – for those who can’t make it or prefer a more low-key setting. Stay tuned for that.

As well, previous years’ events included a transit tour,  a screeing of the film Urbanized at the Plaza, trips to Edmonton and Banff with the opportunity to meet and learn from city leaders (both attended by around 20 members), walking tours, and using our club to get involved with local Calgary projects and proposals. We plan more of the same. You don’t have to be a Urban Studies major or even a student to get involved with the club, and engaged with the city/urban issues.

If you are a member of another club or organization, and think that there is an opportunity for collaboration then let me know! Other clubs on campus for those in similar fields include the Palliser Club, International Relation Club, and the Development Studies Club.


Information about the 2013 course abroad

Rapid Urbanization in a Megacity: The Case of Mexico City
Block Course: January 1-7, 2013
GEOG 555
This intensive one-week course in Mexico City addresses the urban challenges of one of the largest megacities in the western hemisphere.  Seeing the city from street level enables students to experience and participate in urban issues including challenges of infrastructure, environment, waste management, housing, the informal economy, and inequality.  This is the eleventh year that this course has been offered.
The estimated cost of this program is $2195, including tuition, airfare, accommodation, transportation and meals.
For more information, attend an INFORMATION SESSION in ES332: Friday Oct 12, 2 PM, or Thursday Oct 18, 12:30, or Wednesday, Oct. 24, 12:30.  Email Dr. Denise Brown at dfbrown@ucalgary.ca.  Consult the website for more information or to apply for this course:


My name is Kai, President of the club this year. I’m joined by Brendan (VP Academic), Genevieve (VP Finance), Jackson (VP Communications), JR (VP Events), Thea (VP Events), and Mariam who will act as our UBST 253 rep. If you have a question or concern about a specific aspect of the club, I may direct you towards them. Say hi! You probably have some classes together.


I will be forwarding along many other events and opportunities from this email to the mailing list. If you would like to be removed from the mailing list, are no longer interested, or have received this in error – please email me directy at kai.sinclair@urbancsa.org, and don’t hit “Reply All” – everyone  appreciates that! If you know anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list, let us know.

We are looking for contributors to the UrbanCSA blog. If you have an interest in writing about urban related current events, please let us know and we would love to make you a part of the team! Again, contact us at contact@urbancsa.org for more info.

Not sure how you’d like to get involved with the club? Come out to a few events, meet the members, and be creative!


Lots of club activity is run through a new program called Club Hub at the U of C. Create an account and join our network and stay up to date with Urban CSA happenings! Link here: https://orgsync.com/52680/chapter
That’s all! Hope everyone is having a relatively stress-free semester.


– Kai Sinclair
President, Urban CSA


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