UrbanCSA Presents – Reid Henry Discusses the King Edward School Arts Incubator

What: Calgary Arts Development’s Reid Henry will be discussing the organization’s involvement in transforming the King Edward School in South Calgary into an arts incubator. As well, there will be an opportunity for questions and comments afterwards.

When: 5:00pm Thursday, March 15

Where: Earth Sciences 342

More info:

“Responding to a call for proposals in 2010 to purchase the surplus King Edward School from the Calgary Board of Education, a unique partnership between The Calgary Foundation and Calgary Arts Development has been formed to advance a vision for the historic school as an innovative arts incubator.

Calgary Arts Development is the City of Calgary’s designated authority for the development of the arts in Calgary and is the municipal granting agency for the not-for-profit arts sector. Formed in March 2005 through the auspices of the 2004 Civic Arts Policy, Calgary Arts Development continues to play a leadership role in realizing the potential of arts and culture in Calgary”

“The vision of the project partnership for the King Edward School is an integrated, mixed-use ‘hub’ that provides a dynamic and collaborative gathering place focused on the incubation and advancement of professional arts practice, social innovation and community development in South Calgary.”

For further information about the project go to : http://transformkingedward.ca/ 
If you have any questions about the presentation or other UrbanCSA events contact us at contact@urbancsa.org 


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