Sustainability Seminar Series: The Socio-Spatial Politics of Transition to a More Sustainable City: the Case of Groningen, the Netherlands with Dr. Byron Miller

When:  Thursday, March 8,

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM (please note time)

Where: Environmental Design (Professional Faculties) Building, Room 2165
Free event! Hot snacks (pizza) + treats will be served!

Despite widespread agreement on the need for more sustainable cities and the proliferation of supporting state policies at a variety of scales, very few cities have undergone major transitions toward greater sustainability. Groningen, the Netherlands, is a rare exception to this generalisation. Groningen’s transition was born of a highly fraught political battle.

Dr. Byron Miller is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography. He teaches courses on urbanization and urbanism, urban social geography, urban politics and governance, globalization, and field courses on urban sustainability in Europe. Miller will be at EVDS presenting on the socio-spatial politics of transition to a more sustainable city.

For more information: EVDS Calendar.


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