UrbanCSA – Edmonton Trip!

Last year UrbanCSA hosted a trip to Banff for 20 of its members. The trip consisted of a presentation and walking tour given by Banff’s senior town planner, Darren Enns. The trip was a great success, and this year we wanted to take this style of event even further.

This year we have planned a trip to Edmonton, where we will be spending three days and two nights exploring many of the City’s major planning initiatives, and other interesting community activities. Some highlights of the trip will be discussions on:

· The Downtown Area Plan
· City Centre Airport Redevelopment
· Southeast-West LRT · 118th Avenue Revitalization
· A ghost tour (pending)
· A meet up and discussion with the President of APPI, Beth Sanders
· And exploration of Edmonton’s night life

The trip will run from Wednesday, January 25th to Friday, January 27th. We will be staying at the Holiday Inn in downtown Edmonton. A number of planners from the City of Calgary will be joining us on the trip. This trip will be an excellent learning and networking experience; an experience that will be useful to put on your résumé, or talk about during an interview. Because the trip will be more expansive than in the past, we estimate that the cost will be approximately $200.00 per attendee (for bus fare, and hotel, etc). We are working on trying to supplement this cost, so it may lessen.

Currently there are 15 spots available for UrbanCSA members. If you would like to join us, or have any questions about the trip, please contact us at contact@urbancsa.org. Spots will need be filled within the next couple of days, so please make sure to contact us as quickly as possible.


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