Next Up Calgary – Action Projects Opportunity!

Next Up Calgary is looking for Action Projects for its program participants.
What is Next UP?

We offer a free training / leadership development program for youth (18-32) years old to support them in their growth as Social and Environmental Justice Leaders. We have an Advisory Committee made up of people from community organizations, the public and private sectors, not-for-profits and trade unions. In Alberta we also have an organizational partnership with the Parkland Institute. One of the goals of NU is to build and support a network of young social change leaders across Western Canada.  We do this through a combination of workshops, training and hands on work.

We are looking for your help in creating Action Project opportunities for Calgary Next Up participants. So, what is an Action Project?

For you they offer you a chance to have 2 or more people working with you in an area of mutual interest. For Next Up, it will involve participants in active campaigns, and develop new relationships within the Social or Environmental Justice Movements. We hope that each action project will plant the seed of supportive, mentoring relationships and enrich our communities  and organizations with new ideas, skills and energy.

Proposing an Action Project

Projects should be SMART (Specific,  Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely). At least 2 and up to 5 participants will work on a project. Projects should be part of an established program, campaign or organization. There should be a designated mentor or supervisor that can provide an appropriate level of direction, help with access to needed resources and check in on progress regularly. Action Projects will begin in January and should reach a conclusion or a logical evaluation point by April 30.

Last year’s Action Projects were lead by A.B.C. Apiares and Bees for Communities, Transition Calgary, The Commuter Challenge / Sustainable Alberta, and  YWCAs SCREAM Project. I hope that you will consider joining these organisations in supporting progressive change here in Calgary, an in benefiting from the commitment and expertise of the Next Up Participants. A Project Planning Application is attached. Feel free to call Mike Byerley (number removed) if you would like to discuss any of these points further. Please forward your completed application to

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you know of anyone in your networks that might be able to offer a Project opportunity, please forward them this email.

Please email your complete proposal by Dec 15, 2011.


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