Sustainable Cities Geography Field School – Europe

When: May7 – June 17, 2011
What: 5 week European field school focusing on sustainability. 4 European countries! 4 half course credits!

Come to the information session tonight at 5:00pm in ES342

The Sustainable Cities 2012 GSP will be a field program in Geography with a focus on sustainability from the perspective of the environment, cultural, urban and historical Geography of the region. The itinerary will focus on Europe’s examples of regional sustainable development, sustainable urban design, environmental problems and policies, and the significance of the historical development of cities within this region.

The program seeks to maximize exposure to urban and rural landscapes through direct observation, instruction, fieldwork, and local university contacts. The primary objective will be for students to see firsthand examples of sustainable communities, transit, and environmental management that occur within European cities. Students will conduct fieldwork that will facilitate their ability to interpret and make connections between human and natural landscapes, and by developing and conveying critical thinking skills that extend beyond the classroom.

More info:

Aaron Williams –
Group Study Programs –


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