Rapid Urbanization in a Megacity: The Case of Mexico City (GEOG 555)

January 1-8th, 2012
COST: $2370 including tuition, travel, accommodation, food and local transportation.

This intensive one-week course addresses the challenges of urban development in Mexico City, one of the largest megacities in the Western hemisphere.  Seeing the city from street level allows students to experience, participate in, observe, reflect upon, and analyze urban issues associated with megacities and rapid urban growth, including infrastructure, environment and waste management, spatial inequalities, urban agriculture, the informal sector, governance, housing solutions and the management of public and private spaces.

Wednesday, 28 September, 3:30 in ES 332
Thursday, 6 October, 3:30 in ES 332
Wednesday, 13 October, 3:30 in ES 332
Deadline for applying to this program: October 24th.

Contact Denise Brown at:
More Info:


One comment

  1. Sarah · December 10, 2011

    Such a nice article which the city is highly urbanize. Indeed such a course which tackle urban growth and etc. Its great for learning.

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