Help Build Great Public Spaces in Calgary

The "Bow to Bluff" is a citizen-based initiative to collaboratively create great public spaces by inviting all stakeholders to participate in an innovative engagement process and placemaking activities. Bow to Bluff is focused on revitalizing the entire public corridor that runs along the Sunnyside LRT line from Memorial Drive to McHugh Bluff in the Hillhurst-Sunnyside neighbourhood of Calgary, Alberta. Our vision is to establish great public spaces within an integrated, high-quality transportation corridor that serves pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders, both locally and City-wide. This project is a partnership of volunteer citizens from the Great Public Spaces (GPS) group of Civic Camp and the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association (HSCA).

Bow to Bluff was recently awarded a grant from The City of Calgary’s Council Innovation Fund for its proposal to develop an inclusive and creative citizen-centered engagement process that will serve as a blueprint for other placemaking projects in Calgary. The funding will be used to achieve two deliverables:

  1. An urban design guide for revitalizing the Bow to Bluff public corridor based on extensive citizen input
  2. A ‘best practices’ process guide explaining how we developed and implemented our innovative citizen-centered engagement process and storefront model. The process guide will be useful to volunteers involved in similar community engagement efforts; it may also improve The City-citizen consultation process.

The Bow to Bluff Resources and Planning Committee (RPC) will manage and support the professional design team in achieving a successful engagement process and develop the promised deliverables. The RPC is a dedicated volunteer group of diverse professionals with project management, community, and consulting experience. We have hired a certified facilitator / project manager to lead the design team, and will hire an

adjutant to manage communications and logistics. Further, we have engaged HSCA to act as our financial agent. We have active support from the Ward 7 Aldermanic Office and City Business Units, including: Established Community Planning, Transit, and Parks.

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