Your City. Your Voice. Your Budget.

“I want to go from 15 problem solvers around the Council table, to 15,000 staff who are problem solvers, to over a million citizens who can solve the problem – together.” ~Mayor Nenshi

This year the City of Calgary is calling out to all citizens trying to get their voice on what The City’s budget should be spent on.  Included is a review of the core services, as well as The City’s planning and budget processes. The logic is as follows: The City services affect the daily lives of all citizens, shouldn’t than all citizens have a say? The question then becomes… what do you value? What do you prioritize? If you are passionate about this city it is your right as well as your responsibility to share your voice. You can get involved by going to a workshop session hosted by The City of Calgary, or by filling out an online survey ( UrbanCSA is also hosting a workshop on campus.   Share YOUR voice with us on Calgary’s Budget.

UrbanCSA Workshop

When:   Tuesday, March 22 2011

3:30pm – 5:30pm

Where: ST 128

Contact for more information on the event.

You can also go to for more information on Calgary’s Budget and how you can contribute.


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