Blueprint for the future of the University area

Have your say in the redevelopment of the University area!

The “South Shaganappi Regional Context Study”  will establish priorities and begin creating policy that will ensure the area becomes more a “complete community” over the next 30 years.  This means that the city will attempt to put into reality many of the principles that the new Municipal Development Plan (remember “Plan IT”) calls for and create a well designed landscape that is compact, transit friendly and walkable.  But this means nothing without your input.  Where will the bike paths connect to?  Where would you like to be able to walk to without battling dense automobile traffic?  What kind of amenities do you want to see in the area?

Learn more about the proposed redevelopment of the University and surrounding area through this on-going information session.  There will be a number of display boards that outline (in plain English) what is involved in the proposal and what it means to you as a University student that spends quite a bit of time in this area.

A planner from the City of Calgary will be on hand to explain concepts further, answer questions and perhaps most importantly, find out what you think of the plan.  The feedback is being gathered as part of a wider public consultation process and your ideas will be used to shape the specifics of what plans and policies will be made.

When: Wednesday January 26 th from 11:00am to 1:00pm

Where: On Campus (TBA) MacKimmie Library Foyer (near escalators)

What do you want to see happen to this area in the future?


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