The Bridges Recap

Yesterday several of the UrbanCSA members went to a speaker series session in The Bridges, an award winning land redevelopment project. Colleen Roberts, the project manager for The Bridges, and Abi Bond, a project manager with Affordable Housing, from the City of Calgary gave presentations on the past and current phases of the project. As well, Ms. Bond talked about the McPherson Place, an inner-city housing development that offers 102 shared-equity ownership suites and 58 affordable housing rental properties being constructed in The Bridges. The Calgary Herald published an article about the McPherson Project today, noting that the development has been catching the attention of other cities in Canada (

This opportunity gave students an in-depth look into the process by which a unique project, like The Bridges, can be constructed in Calgary. For more information go to the City of Calgary website. We are working on getting short form powerpoint presentations of the presentations given by Ms. Roberts and Ms. Bond. If you would like a copy of the presentations please contact, Angela at


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