Free lecture series

I came across this while doing some personal research and thought I would pass it along. It is called the city talks lecture series held for free with the help from the urban studies committee at UVIC.  So if you happen to be in the area(Victoria) during one of these as I will be, make sure you attend one of these. Below is a bit of info, followed by a link to their poster advertising each lecture and the dates.


The City Talks lecture series is sponsored and organized by the Urban Studies Committee at the University of Victoria. The committee is devoted to developing the study of cities at the University, as well as encouraging public dialogue on urban themes. Its members are:

  • Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, School of Public Administration
  • Janelle Jenstad, Department of English
  • Warren Magnusson, Department of Political Science
  • Larry McCann, Department of Geography
  • Reuben Rose-Redwood, Department of Geography
  • Jordan Stanger-Ross, Department of History

The project is financially supported by:

  • The Department of History
  • The Department of Geography
  • The Department of Political Science
  • The School of Public Administration
  • The Faculty of Humanities
  • The Faculty of Social Science
  • The Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • The Vice President Research
  • The Vice President Academic

Support has also been provided by:


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