Best Neighbourhoods in Calgary

Avenue Magazine latest issue has done a study of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary. The study was based off community wide surveys.

The top 15 communities were as follows:

1. Elboya

2. West Hillhurst

3. Rosedale

4. Sunnyside

5. Elbow Park

6. Altadore

7. Inglewood

8. Ramsay

9. Hillhurst

10. Parkhill/Stanley Park

11. Tuscany

12. Crescent Heights

13. Shaganappi

14. Lake Bonavista

15. Edgemont


For the full story click here



  1. Rick · August 9, 2010

    Montgomery and Bowness were not in the top neighborhoods but they will be in a couple of years. Montgomery is going nuts with improvements and recent developments. Montgomery Triangle is the best spot to buy in in Montgomery. Both Montgomery and Bowness are in a direct line with West Hillhurst, Hillhurst, and Sunnyside::as the city continues to expand to the West:Montgomery and Bowness will only go up in value.

    Montgomery Triangle is the best real estate value in Calgary!!

  2. labof · August 11, 2010


  3. Mike · December 29, 2012

    This is a great site. That blog from two years ago about Montgomery was pretty bang on. I actually researced the community of Montgomery and bought two bungalows down there in late 2010–now they have appreciated massively and I am preparing to build two duplexes after I know down the bungalows.

    Montgomery is awesome!!!

  4. mike · November 13, 2015

    Ithe northwest is great real estate. Montgomery and parkdale and hillhurst and montgomery triangle are only going up in value. Montgomery triangle is probably the only best value

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