FFWD: Urbancsa.org 3rd Best Local Blog in City

Urbancsa.org was unexpectedly named Calgary’s 3rd best local blog in Calgary by Fast Forward.

For those of you coming across this blog randomly, urbancsa.org is the Urban Calgary Students’ Association (UrbanCSA) website. We are a University of Calgary student organization that takes interest in issues surrounding the development of Calgary. We try and cover issues of sustainability, social justice, the built form and politics.

In the past year we have:

-Had developers and planners meet with students and show them around some of the most innovative communities in and around Calgary

– Voiced students opinions to council and media on the Brentwood Transit Oriented Development, Plan It and other projects and policies.

– Produced policy documents which have been integrated into official city policy

And a whole lot more…

Currently we have been working with the U of C Students Union to try and find a solution for the “Secondary Suite” issue in Calgary. So far we have been quite successful; with most Aldermen giving extremely positive feedback to our proposed policy document (it might come as a surprise to which Aldermen have expressed the most interest). We are working with various stakeholders and are not unveiling the official plan till a later date.

We are also going to play a part in an Aldermanic and Mayoral debate sometime this fall… so stay tuned.


One comment

  1. Kay She · June 23, 2010

    Hey guys,

    Congrats on your blog recognition! I am a huge fan of all the work UrbanCSA does. You make the UofC proud!

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