Event: Cities and Towns in Transition

Event Date(s): Friday June 4 & Saturday June 5, 2010

The University of Calgary’s Faculties of Social Work and Environmental Design are pleased to invite you to two days of dialogue, skill building, and path-finding at the Cities and Towns in Transition: 2010 People and Place Conference

Moving Toward Sustainable Post-Carbon Resilient Communities

In the light of emerging and critical issues such as peak oil, climate change and social and economic injustice, citizens in cities and towns around the world are coming together to create exciting new processes to chart a transition to more sustainable communities, economies and lifestyles. These processes integrate design, governance, economic development, spirituality, leadership, capacity building and community development and our relationship to nature and each other.

The Cities and Towns in Transition conference will explore these evolving relationships of people to the places they inhabit, locally and globally. It is an event to bring together voices from around the Calgary region to discuss how together we transform our cities and towns.

Friday June 4
A day of inspiring dialogue and challenging presentations on following themes:

Transition Towns – a Movement Going Global?
Metro Alliance for the Common Good – Local Political Action
Sustainable Cities: The Portland Model – Is it enough?
Cities and Town in Transition: Third World Realities
Calgary Regional Partnership

Saturday June 5

Morning: Action Strategies – Making Change Happen
Action groups strategize on how to become active change agents in the Calgary region.

Afternoon: Transition in Calgary
A series of skills workshops, dialogues and field trips to chose from. Sessions will be held on Saturday June 5, between 1 – 4 pm and are intended to engage participants in a number of ways.

Evening: Social Transformation – Time to Relax
A social event to wrap up the conference hosted by local community groups

Contact Info

For more information, visit http://www.ucalgary.ca/oikos/transition


University of Calgary/Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association


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