“Vibrant Urban Villages: Three Essential Elements” with Gian-Carlo Carra

The UrbanCSA’s (possible) last event of the year!  Come hear Gian-Carlo, who is also running for mayor in Calgary’s upcoming municipal election, discuss the importance of design and how it can influence Calgary.

Who: Gian-Carlo Carra
When: Wednesday, March 31st @ 2:30pm
Where: Bianca Room, Mac Hall

In his own words, here is what Gian-Carlo says the lecture will be about…

We need to make some significant changes at City Hall if we are going to achieve the Calgary we all want.  To that end, over the next couple of months, I will be delivering a series of lectures on what the nuts and bolts details of what I believe the new system must look like.

Vibrant Urban Villages: Three Essential Elements

Our culture’s dawning understanding of the pernicious problem of suburban sprawl has been the result of various sustained efforts bent on comprehensively reshaping North America’s approach to physical development.  Thanks to the New Urbanism, Smart Growth, and the various green building movements, terms such as “urban villages,” “walkable communities,” “complete communities,” “transit oriented development,” and “LEED certification,” (to name only a few) are now part of a popular lexicon.  But despite being liberally bandied about by planning bureaucracies, design consultants, developers, and concerned citizens, meaningful change has been frustratingly slow.  My work over the last ten years as a consultant and community activist has led to the conviction that underlying the systems of design conventions, political processes, and legal regulation that perpetuate business as usual, is a more fundamental conceptual issue.  At root is the need for a massive, culture-wide, conceptual shift from conventional automobile-scaled suburbanism to sustainable human-scaled urbanism – an Urban Shift.  Drawing from the lessons learned throughout both my professional practice and my community activism,this talk introduces what I believe are the three absolutely essential elements of urbanism that must be embedded in design, process, and regulatory systems of change: The Urban to Rural Transect; the Networked Thoroughfare System; and, the Sustainable Neighborhood Unit.

And here is a short write-up on Gian-Carlo, courtesy of the Gaining Ground Summit website:

Gian Carlo Carra Senior Urban Designer, T-Six Urbanists Inc.

Gian Carlo is a Senior Urban Designer for T-Six who balances professional practice with community service and academic research. Gian Carlo brings a balance of all of these considerations to the table and serves to bridge the gap between ideals, practicality, and education of the public. Gian Carlo’s roles include urban design, project management, charrette facilitation, education and public speaking. He holds a Masters in Urban Design from the University of Calgary, and is currently working on a PhD in Urban Geography.


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