Meet the Anti-Richard Florida!

Dr. Peck is the Canada Research of Urban Regional Political Economy, and will be giving a talk on Richard Florida’s Creative Class theory and how it informs urban public policy. Please attend, and bring lots of questions: this is definitely the most important speaker UrbanCSA has been able to bring in this year (or ever).
We will be hosting a talk with Jamie Peck today at 2:30pm in the Escalus Room in Mac Hall. You should come…seriously 🙂


  1. Polly Jones · March 10, 2010

    To what extent do you feel Richard Florida’s ideas are informing projects like CivicCamp?

  2. Tom Howard · March 12, 2010

    Hi Polly,

    I think there is a strong difference between CivicCamp and Florida’s creative class policy recommendations. CivicCamp focuses on the democratic use of public space and utilities for all Calgarians, while Florida tends to focus on providing amenity and luxury almost exclusively for his “creative class”. So here I see a fundamental disagreement between the two: CivicCamp is primarily concerned with equity and collective action, while Florida is more interested in individualism and rational self interest.

    That being said, Florida is a superstar academic (who can even say that without flinching?), and his ideas are fairly pervasive in the urban policy/planning realm. There is certainly some overlap in the tendency of both, er, camps to advocate for a vibrant urbanity copped straight from the Jane Jacobs playbook. Where CivicCamp advocates for a democratic and inclusive public realm, however, I think the implications of Florida’s policy recommendations tend towards gentrification, displacement, and the cutting of social programs.

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