UrbanCSA Brentwood MAP Review

Earlier this year, UrbanCSA was asked by the City of Calgary Transportation Department to review the mobility assessment plan (MAP) for the Brentwood TOD.

Since the Brentwood TOD MAP has now been made public, UrbanCSA can publicly post our comments on the MAP (Click the image to view the document) .

UrbanCSA would like to thank: Trent Loosemore, Ken Lin, Samuel Boisvert, Steven Petersen, Elton Gjata, Riley Iwamoto, Linda Pham, Dana Martin, Tom Schloder and Adam Fajner for participating in the project.

The City of Calgary Planners and Engineers  also thanked UrbanCSA for the review stating:

Thank you all for your comments on the Brentwood MAP report draft.  The comments provided are some of the most thoughtful ones I have received from any of the stakeholders so far – I can tell you really thought about the ideas in the draft and weren’t afraid to challenge ones that were vague.

I attempted to challenge the status quo with discussion of some of the negative aspects of transportation in the area and like how some of the comments latched onto that by agreeing that more could be done to improve things in the area.

Thanks a lot for your assistance with the review.  I’m glad that groups like yours exist in Calgary.


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