Score one for grassroots democracy

Civic Camp still young, but could influence 2010 election

Markham Hislop, for the S.E. Calgary News
October 26th, 2009

All Saturday long my Twitter account hummed with Tweets from the CivicCamp get together at the Epcor Centre.  At the #civiccamp hash tag (hash tags allow a Twitter comment, called a Tweet, to be posted to a special web page dedicated to a particular topic), those who couldn’t attend were begging those in the know for regular updates.  The excitement was palpable.

In today’s story on CivicCamp, organizer Peter Rishaug called it a “democratic movement.”  Pretty heady stuff, really.  The last movement to come out of Alberta was Reform, and while it never formed goverment in Ottawa, it had a profound effect on Canadian politics.

So, if CivicCamp really is a movement, what are we to make of it?
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