Know someone who lives in a Secondary Suite?

As mentioned at the General Membership meeting last week,  the City of Calgary is taking a look at the secondary suite debate once again.  Do you or someone you know living in a secondary suite?   If so, the city would like to here from you.

What’s a secondary suite?  Glad you asked!

To quote Wikipedia:

Secondary suite is an urban planning term for an additional separate dwelling unit on a property that would normally accommodate only one dwelling unit. A secondary suite is considered “secondary” or “accessory” to the primary residence on the parcel. It normally has its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom and living area. Such a suite often is one of the following types:

  • A suite above a rear detached garage,
  • A suite above the main floor of a single-detached dwelling,
  • A suite below the main floor of a single-detached dwelling (a “basement suite”).
  • A suite attached to a single-detached dwelling at grade, or
  • A suite detached from the principal dwelling (a “garden suite” or “guesthouse“).

So if you, or someone you know lives in a situation such as this, fill out this survey the City of Calgary has commissioned and have your voice heard!


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