UrbanCSA Tours

UrbanCSA is touring various communities and developments around Calgary. The tours are all free with UrbanCSA membership and will be guided by a developer or planner who has expertise in the community or development.

The first community toured will be Garrison Woods . Garrison Woods is arguably the most innovative community in all of Calgary and has won numerous awards including:


Garrison Woods

  • Best Community (Calgary Region Home Builders Association)
  • Best Innovation (Calgary Region Home Builders Association)
  • Award of Excellence – Environmental Design (Alberta Association of Canadian Institute of Planners)
  • Comprehensive Planning Award (Real Property Institute of Canada)
  • Best Practices Award (Real Property Institute of Canada)

This tour will commence on October 7th. We will meet around 3:15 inside the Education building lobby (by the U of C Bus Loop). The tour will be given by one of Garrison Woods Planners and the President of Urban Development Advisors Inc. Ken Toews.

The second tour will commence on October 21st and will be a tour of the Victoria Crossing BRZ (The area by the Drum and Monkey).

The Third Tour will commence on October 28th and will take place in the redevelopment Bridgeland.

The goal of the tours is for students to learn what is happening around Calgary and what problems do developers and planners face when trying to build innovative developments.

There will be more information posted as the tour dates draw closer.


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