Plugging the brain drain with Plan It

By Tom Howard, For The Calgary Herald – September 28, 2009

As a University of Calgary student set to graduate in the next year, I will be soon faced with the same predicament that has faced so many of my colleagues before me: to stay in Calgary, or to move elsewhere.

Over the past several years, I have noted a high rate of migration among recent post-secondary graduates to cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The reason for their departure is generally the same: recent graduates are looking for the exciting cultural scene and vibrant urbanity these cities offer.

As a large number of baby boomers approach retirement age, we face the threat of losing this demographic to cities that can offer more amenable living conditions as well. As Calgary’s extended winter season can sometimes provide a less-than-ideal context to retire in, creating a vibrant and highly livable city must be a high priority.

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