DIRTT Calgary Invites UrbanCSA

DIRTT Logo copy

To our mounting  surprise, Calgary has been graced with a modest Architectural  firm that will make you wonder what became of that poorly assembled IKEA corner desk you threw away last month. DIRTT (doing it right this time) is in the business of environmental solutions, rethinking the way our buildings resonate sustainability to their inhabitants and the ecology. The creation of interchangeable and energy efficient interior spaces,  known as Modular Interior Construction, virtually eliminates the enormous waste created by conventional building renovation. This is achieved through specially designed walls, flooring, utility connections and various products; all manufactured in a replicable and sustainable way. Typical office remnants often spill out into a dumpster after only a few years of use, but creating ‘agile’ solutions to this issue is just one part of DIRTT.

All members of UrbanCSA have been invited to view these innovations and attend a media event on Tuesday August 11th at DIRTT Calgary head office where they will be unveiling the cities largest commercial solar array atop their magnificent southeast office. More information about DIRTT can be viewed on their website at www.dirtt.net.

More details to come, hope to see you there.



One comment

  1. Nicole Davis · July 29, 2009

    Hi there – your latest post says the DIRTT event to launch our solar panels is Saturday, August 11 – It’s not happening Saturday, but rather Tuesday.

    Please correct this info. Thank you. Should you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail.

    Nicole Davis
    DIRTT Environmental Solutions

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