Students see the future

June 25th, 2009
Two university students are capitalizing on their chance to help shape Calgary for the future.

Both Andrew Sedor and Derek Pomreinke presented their ideas to council on Tuesday during the Plan It Calgary hearing.

Sedor , 20, is going into his fourth year of the University of Calgary’s urban studies program, while Pomreinke, 23, has just graduated from the same program.

“I thought it was very important that people my age, and the younger generation who aren’t typically known for being very proactive in stuff like city governance, to point out that there are people from my generation that do care,” said Pomreinke.



  1. urbancsa · June 26, 2009

    Actually four students got their chance:

    Derek Pomreinke talked about the aspirations of the youth and the future of Calgary.
    Andrew Sedor talked about the developers and market fluctuations.
    Guillermo Guglietti talked about Plan It on Campus and the main conclusions of the UrbanCSA event.
    Jon Gregg did a comprehensive piece on the role of developers, policies and society in building a city.

  2. Tom · June 27, 2009

    Hey guys, maybe publish drafts of your speeches in the articles and links section. I want to read them!

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