Budget Cuts to Regional Transit Network

It looks like what I’ve hearing about the Regional Transit Symposium last Friday was accurate, and the province is indeed dropping the ball on giving a regional transit service any priority. The plan was to begin forming a transit network between Calgary and 7 of the outlying towns in order to allow people to commute without driving their cars, but apparently the province decided that sounds like a bad idea.

Leaders in the region are fine-tuning their vision for a seven-town transit system, even though the province is warning it will deliver only a tiny sliver of its promised $2-billion fund.

Cochrane Mayor Truper McBride said express commuter buses could roll from communities such as Airdrie and Okotoks into Calgary as early as next year, if the province provides enough upfront cash. Train links could follow in 10 to 15 years, he said.

Continue reading “Budget cuts hit Calgary regional transit” at the Calgary Herald.


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  1. Tom · March 4, 2009

    For those of you who missed the CRP Regional Transit Symposium last week, Ted Morton managed to cover this budget cut handily (on the very morning it was announced!) with jokes about his age, his wife and about how generally bad he is with technology. Real slick. Luke Ouellette, on the other hand, read directly from his notes and maybe caught the attention of five attendees or so. Neither speaker mentioned the fact that they were cutting Green TRIP down to less than .5% of its original size, or mentioned that the province is still going ahead with its $2 billion carbon sequestering program without any cuts, likely for fear of being lynched by a room full of angry planners.

    Let it be known:

    Shooting carbon emissions into the ground while making no meaningful change at tackling the drivers (no pun intended) of these same emissions = sexy

    Regional transit = not-so-sexy

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