New Semester

The Urban Calgary Students’ Association has completed its first semester with its great success. In one semester UrbanCSA members have:

  • Had two interviews with CBC Radio
  • Presented to City Council on the Brentwood TOD and Plan It (Calgary’s future growth plan).
  • Reviewed the Brentwood MAP (Mobility Assessment and Plan) for the Calgary Transportation Department
  • Attended the Plan It Summit
  • Had letters published in the Calgary Herald
  • Presented to the City of Calgary Transportation Department on bicycle lanes
  • Presented to City of Calgary Planners on sustainable suburbs
  • Set up an exam bank and an area in the collections room


That was just the first semester. This semester will hopefully be even better. 

We have two events that will be commencing within the next few weeks.  First, is a tour of the Drake Landing Solar community, which was postponed last semester due to horrible weather. The second will be a chance to meet the author of “The Geography of Hope” and Globe and Mail columnist Chris Turner. We will be going to the bar “The Hop n Brew” with Chris sometime in the up coming weeks.  If you want to get involved with any projects or have any ideas for projects or events contact us at

Good luck in the new year!   

P.S. Everyone who paid for a membership in the first semester is still a member this semester. 


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