Council orders further study in Brentwood

It would appear that the Brentwood residents’ concerns were successful in convincing City Council to hold off on fully approving the new Station Area Redevelopment Plan. It’s being reported that instead, council members have commissioned more studies about the present status of the community and the required upgrades to the surrounding infrastructure to handle the strain of 6,000 new people.

Hopefully the 6-month delay before the plan goes to Council for approval will give the city more time to continue dialogue with the residents, incorporating their priorities into the plan and making it the best it can be for all affected citizens.


Council orders study before deciding on Brentwood development
By Jason Markusoff (

City council said too many questions linger to rubber-stamp plans for a cluster of office towers, condo towers and lowrises that would create an urban-style core next to the Brentwood suburb.

Aldermen today ordered months of further study of the project’s potential impacts on traffic and transit after hearing Monday from dozens of passionate fans and opponents of the 30-year project that could bring up to 8,500 new workers and residents around Brentood’s C-Train station.

But as a first step towards that future, the politicians approved the Brentwood Village Mall owner’s bid to rezone one strip plaza to replace it with two highrises and a few smaller residential-and-retail projects.

Even those aldermen who strongly supported the vision acknowledged there would be more backing after it’s determined how the roads, transit system and existing houses would be affected by the massive influx of people – and to communicate that message to frustrated residents overwhelmed by the project’s scope.

“I think we do need to learn how to consult better,” Ald. Druh Farrell said, expressing hopes that more information would get more of her constituents onside.

Catherine Potter, a resident of nearby Varsity, said she remains worried city planners won’t listen to the problems neighbours have with the blueprint.

RioCan, the mall’s devevloper, has said its first 20- and 24-storey highrises will be ready as soon as fall 2011, although it hasn’t yet applied for a development permit.

We’ll keep an eye on this plan and do our best to contribute to it in any way we can. In the meantime, better get yourself a-studying for finals, and we hope to see many of you on our tour to Drake Landing next week!

-Derek Pomreinke


One comment

  1. Tom Schlodder · December 11, 2008

    –“I think we do need to learn how to consult better,” Ald. Druh Farrell said, expressing hopes that more information would get more of her constituents onside.–

    Instead of ‘consulting better’, I think the city needs learn how to start ‘consulting sooner’ in the whole process. I suspect that the city will now invest twice the amount of energy to ‘consult better’ with the residents who are against the plan and probably feeling rather alienated by council as of late.

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