Brentwood TOD Goes Before Council

The long-awaited presentation of the controversial Brentwood Station Area Redevelopment Plan to City Council occurred this afternoon at City Hall. Plenty of concerned citizens were in attendance and both sides of the debate were well represented. Both Tom and I prepared some words for the mayor and his aldermen, and approximately 15 other people also spoke in favour of the new plan. Those opposed came out in force to also express their views on the project, though due to final exam obligations we were unfortunately unable to stay and hear their arguments.

Their hesitations about the plan must have had some substantial pull with Council, as Global and CTV News have reported that the body politic continued debate until around 9:30 pm without resolving the issue. Council will continue debating the proposal tomorrow, and hopefully they are able to resolve their issues quickly and approve the project.

A big thanks to everybody who came down and showed their support! If this thing goes through, it’ll be a big day for all of Calgary as we implement a new, modern design mentality.

-Derek Pomreinke


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