• Our event staff has been finalizing details with the town of Okotoks about taking UrbanCSA members on a tour of the Drake Landing Solar Community. We need to find a date that would work for most members.
  • Right now is probably one of the most hectic pats of year for University Calgary Students, so we won’t be doing any projects until the semester is over. But, we are looking for people, who in the near future would be interested in doing projects and presenting them to developers and City of Calgary staff. From personal experience this is a great way to network, have your voice heard and gain practical experience. If you have an idea for a project email us at contact@urbancsa.org
  • This week we will try to incorporate “The Polis” website (the old urban studies club) with UrbanCSA.org, so UrbanCSA members will have access to the exam bank and discussion boards.
  • On a final note I would just like to say thank you for the incredible amount of people who signed up to be UrbanCSA members (Byron seemed pretty happy).

With your help this group could do amazing things in Calgary. Good luck with your exams and hopefully a few months down the road I will see some of you giving presentations to City Council.     

 Andrew Sedor


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