Knock, Knock (a letter from an UrbanCSA member to the Calgary Hearld)

Calgary Herald

By: Adam Zendel, Calgary

Published: Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I would support a $25 million bridge if it accessed the mayor’s office window, thereby allowing citizens on fixed incomes to each day pound on the windows and remind Bronco that he must listen to the will of the people.

Jerry pitts, Calgary Saying no to sprawl Re: “Planning for the future citywith a vision,”Nov. 16.

After attending both days of Plan It, I was confused whether Jason Markusoff and I were at the same conference. I have no recollection of anyone defending the suburban lifestyle.There was an unanimous presence, which condemned suburban growth. As for budget problems, suburban growth costs the city orders of magnitude more than innercity growth. The budget is out of order because the city has poorly allocated funds to the outside of the city, rather than the inside.


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