Info and Membership

Who are we?

UrbanCSA is the Urban Studies Club of the University of Calgary. It is a space for all the students interested in urban issues and the shaping of our city!

Why should I join?

UrbanCSA is a great opportunity to get involved on Campus. We provide sevices such as:

  • Urban Studies test bank
  • Academic support
  • Field trips
  • Social events
  • Guest speakers
  • Working on projects that will gain you planning experience
  • Networking
  • Giving presentations to the public and private sector
  • Meeting students from Urban Studies and other faculties
  • A great extracurricular activity to put on your resume

My role?

Join us for the events or volunteer for some of the projects! You decide your role within UrbanCSA. Everyone can help!

Is it just limited to Urban Studies Majors?

No! UrbanCSA focuses on Urban Studies but also involves everyone with an interest in Urban Development and Sustainability. Our organization is composed by people from various departments: civil engineers, political sciences, sociology, urban studies, etc!

So now…

  • Buy a membership! $5 for a standard membership or $10 with the first tour at a discounted rate. We are planning a tour to the Drake Landing Solar Community in Okotoks. Keep an eye on the website for some news!
  • Join us for an info session / wine and cheese in December (date to be confirmed)!

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