Solar Ready Housing: Presentation

On October 15th, Andrew Sedor Presented to City of Calgary Council on Solar Ready Housing.

What is a solar ready house?

A solar ready house, in short, is a house that can easily and inexpensively be retrofitted with solar panels or other solar technologies that will maximize the solar efficiency. Solar ready homes do not contain solar panels.

Why do we need solar ready housing?

Because of the relatively expensive price of solar panels, solar power is currently not a viable option for most households. But in a few years, solar power is predicted to be less expensive than other non-renewable forms of energy. When that day comes, households still may have issues converting to solar energy because of roof orientation, shading and the overall construction of their home.

How much does it cost?

Incorporating “solar ready” into a building plan costs around $300. While retrofitting a house for solar can cost thousands of dollars.

What is the City of Calgary doing about solar ready housing currently?

In a recent meeting the Calgary Planning Commission stated:

Further work will undertaken by the Land Use Bylaw Sustainment Team regarding renewable energy technology. Further work being undertaken includes:

Solar ready requirements: A significant barrier to greater utilization of solar technologies is that installation of solar technology of many existing houses often requires installation of a connection between the rooftop and the utility room. Retrofitting this connection can add to the cost and complexity of many solar installations. The Canadian Solar Industries Association has published guidelines that can be used to build houses that are better able to have solar collectors added at a later point in time. Administration will be consulting with industry to determine an approach to incorporating similar appropriate requirements into LUB, 1P2007.”

UrbanCSA – Solar Ready Housing Presentation – Visual (PDF)

UrbanCSA – Solar Ready Housing Presentation – Text (PDF)


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